A Cooking Challenge Gladly Accepted

Since my New Year’s resolution last year was to start this blog and update it regularly, it seems only natural that upon failing, my new New Year’s resolution should be to follow up and follow through on old ones. Fortunately, I was given two little items as Christmas gifts that will inspire some beautiful new recipes to be tried out: a Le Creuset dutch oven, and a Le Creuset 20 qt. gumbo pot! Coming from two very different gift givers, I took this as a high compliment and affirmation of my abilities.

The dutch oven has already been broken in as of New Year’s Eve with grillades, a traditional Cajun dish served over garlic cheese grits. When explaining this dish to people, I tell them that it is like roast beef on steroids.

To break in my pot, I will be planning a gumbo party very soon! RSVP required 🙂

Christening the dutch oven with grillades for friends on New Year’s Eve.

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A few of my favorite things


1. Lists
2. Interpretive dance
3. Brown paper packages tied up with string

Notice I didn’t mention architecture as one? That’s why I didn’t graduate in it.

Item number three is the second challenge.

What: Mail three things that are indicative of where you live.
When: Saturday (2/8/14) via USPS
Budget: $10 (not including shipping and handling)
Restrictions: Don’t mail Obama to me. You can keep him.


PS – 71 days till I go to DC. I’m visiting someone.

Best friends from college separated by a thousand miles need to keep in touch. Challenge accepted.